Analysis of the Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Lucknow

Kritika Gupta1 Hilal Ahmad2
  • 1Ph.D Scholar , Department of Economics, S.J.N.M.P.G College, University of Lucknow, (UP), India
  • 2Professor , Department of Economics, S.J.N.M.P.G College, University of Lucknow, (UP), India


Lucknow is developing into one of the popular tourist destinations in India. The city of Nawabs, is a landmark of rich heritage and culture, has now over the years undergone a major transformation in terms of infrastructure (trendier malls, progressive roadways/railways/airways, major chain of hotels, art, and cultural platform, etc.), that facilitates tourism. Lucknow is home to some of the country's most famous historical monuments, from both colonial and Nawab era. With a blend of its iconic legacy and urban civilization, Lucknow has become a tourist’s destination. Travelers are increasingly flocking to Lucknow to experience both its unique historical architecture and advanced entertainment zones, happening spots for the youth, exposure to international brands, finger-licking eateries, etc., making it a tourist hotspot. The study will mainly focus on the urbanization that has taken place in the city, which would impact Lucknow tourism positively. The research findings concluded that with international airport Lucknow is well connected with other countries, expanded roadways linking the city to Ramayana circuit, convenient Metros, advanced entertainment zones, etc., have attracted tourists from around the world.

Vol 3 Issue 2 (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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