A Comprehensive Study on the Opportunities and Challenges of E-commerce in Bihar

Mukesh Kumar1
  • 1 Assistant Professor, Computer Science, St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology, Patna, Bihar.


Bihar, a land where fertile fields paint a canvas of prosperity, is heading towards digitalization, and the future holds a promising landscape for e-commerce. Here, the convergence of technology and entrepreneurship is poised to unlock unprecedented economic opportunities. In this study, I investigated the opportunities and problems that exist in the field of electronic commerce within the socio-cultural and geographic confines of Bihar. Through an in-depth analysis of market dynamics, digital literacy, regulatory frameworks, and infrastructure constraints, the study aims to contribute valuable insights for academics, policymakers, and business practitioners. Bihar faces numerous infrastructure-related issues, such as poor internet access, unstable power supplies, and poor knowledge of technology, all of which pose significant challenges to the seamless operation of e-commerce. The state encounters a digital literacy gap, hindering the widespread adoption of e-business practices. A comprehensive understanding of digital tools and technologies is essential for leveraging the full potential of electronic commerce. On the other hand, Bihar offers a sizable unexplored market with a growing population in search of goods and services. This latent demand presents an opportunity for e-businesses to take advantage of and build a strong presence in the area. Given Bihar's predominantly agrarian economy, there exists significant potential for the development of e-commerce platforms tailored to the agricultural sector. Facilitating online trade of agricultural products can enhance market efficiency and benefit both producers and consumers. This research aims to inform strategic decision-making and foster sustainable growth in the realm of digital commerce within the state.

Vol 3 Special Issue (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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