Inventing New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Manish Kumar1 Kumar Ravi Ranjan2 Gopal Kumar3
  • 1 Assistant professor Dept of BBA, SXCMT, patna-11.
  • 2 VKSU ARA department of commerce & Management.
  • 3 VKSU ARA department of commerce & Management.


In the business area, the terms development and business are firmly related. The method involved with arranging, sending off, and working another firm is called business venture. Doing things that are normally not done in that frame of mind of business is implied by business. Risk-taking by innovators, known as business people, is implied by business venture economy. A clever assembling technique that hasn't been utilized economically yet could be thought of as imaginative. Development is the interpretation of ideas or innovations that add worth. It fulfils the inclinations and requirements of the client. Business utilizes development to make ideas and do errands in a new, more compelling way. Development comprises of Business is a method for critical thinking. The paper's conversation of development and business venture centres for the most part on the importance and development of organizations that produce benefits through client bliss. It exhibits how advancement and business improvement are presently aiding the endurance of organizations

Vol 3 Special Issue (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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