Work-Life Balance of Women Employees (Teachers) in Colleges and Universities in Patna, Bihar, India

Dr. Shashank Bhushan Lall1 Mr. Piyush Ranjan Sahay2
  • 1Principal, Vanijya Mahavidyalaya, Patna University.
  • 2 Research Scholar, Department of Applied Economics and Commerce Patna University, Patna Management.


This research paper aims to explore the work-life equilibrium experienced by female faculty members, particularly educators, within colleges and universities situated in Patna, Bihar, India. The study scrutinizes diverse elements influencing work-life balance, encompassing workload, support structures, familial obligations, and institutional regulations. Data was amassed via surveys and interviews conducted with female educators in the area. The results underscore the hurdles encountered by women in attaining work-life harmony and propose tactics to enhance the overall welfare of female staff in tertiary education establishments.

Vol 3 Special Issue (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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