Digital transformation in SMEs from the perspective of sustainability

Dr. Rachna Thakkar1
  • 1Assistant Professor Department of Commerce St. Xavier’s College of Management & Technology, Patna.


The “digital transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)” has become a critical area of research and practice in recent years. This review paper aims to explore the “relationship between digital transformation and sustainability” within the context of SMEs. It critically examines the existing literature on this topic, highlighting key theoretical frameworks, empirical studies, and practical implications. The paper first provides an overview of the concept of digital transformation and its various dimensions, including technological advancements, organizational change, and business models. It then shifts its focus to the concept of sustainability, encompassing environmental, social, and economic aspects. The interplay between digital transformation and sustainability is explored, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs. Through the review of relevant studies, the paper uncovers the potential impacts of digital transformation on the sustainability performance of SMEs. It analyzes how digital technologies can contribute to environmental sustainability through the reduction of resource consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions. Additionally, it examines the social and economic implications of digital transformation, such as enhancing social inclusion, promoting equitable growth, and increasing competitiveness. The paper identifies critical factors that influence the successful integration of digital transformation and sustainability in SMEs. It discusses the importance of leadership commitment, organizational culture, supportive policies, and strategic partnerships in facilitating sustainable digital transformation initiatives. It also highlights potential challenges, including limited resources, resistance to change, and ethical considerations that need to be addressed for a comprehensive and ethical approach to digital transformation. This review paper offers insights into the potential benefits, challenges, and best practices that can guide future research and inform practical strategies for fostering sustainable digital transformation in SMEs. By addressing this important topic, the paper contributes to the literature on sustainable business practices, digital transformation, and SME development.

Vol 3 Special Issue (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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