The Impact of Work from Home on Digitalization and Workplace Trends: A Comprehensive Study

Abhishek Kumar Singh1 Manish Kumar2
  • 1 Research Scholar, P.G. Department of Commerce and Business Management, Veer Kunwar Singh University.
  • 2Assistant professor, Department of BBA, SXCMT, Patna


This review explores the profound impact of remote work on digitalization and workplace trends through a synthesis of existing literature. It investigates the relationship between remote work and digital technologies, revealing how virtual collaboration platforms, cloud computing, and digital communication tools have reshaped organizational structures. Additionally, it examines the effects of remote work on employee productivity, satisfaction, and well-being, addressing challenges such as work-life balance and social isolation. Emerging trends like flexible work arrangements and hybrid work models are also analyzed alongside the reconfiguration of physical workspaces to accommodate remote work. By synthesizing empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks, this review provides a nuanced understanding of the interplay between remote work, digitalization, and workplace dynamics. It identifies drivers and inhibitors of digital transformation in the remote work context and outlines strategic implications for organizations navigating this landscape. This review contributes to the scholarly discourse on remote work's transformative effects, offering insights for future research and managerial practices in an increasingly digital era.

Vol 3 Special Issue (2024)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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