Environmental Science: Concepts and Application

Dr. A Sreenivas1
  • 1Associate Professor, Department of Botany, SRR Government Arts and Science College A Karimnagar Telangana

Keywords: Environment, Sustainability, Environmental science, Types of environment, Circular economy


Certain subfields of the natural science, social science, and applied science can be combined to form the environmental sciences. An increase in environmental challenges has resulted in a corresponding surge in the consumption of the energy and materials, which in turn has had adverse environmental effects. The resolution of environmental issues necessitates the synthesis of knowledge from various academic fields. This difficulty is inherent to the environmental sciences due to the interdisciplinary nature of these fields. This paper discusses the basis of environmental science its components, types along with fundamental concepts that are crucial for the discipline surrounding it and practical applications which gives different methods to deal with challenges or problems that are constantly arriving.

Vol 2 Issue 4 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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