Review of Literature on Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Exchangers

Manish Jangir1
  • 1Research Scholar, BKBIET, Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Keywords: Heat exchanger, types of heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger, Double pipe heat exchangers, Plate heat exchangers, Condensers, Evaporators.


Heat exchangers are extensively discussed in this study as a means of improving heat transmission. There are several advantages to enhancing heat transfer through Process Integration. To put it another way, a "heat exchanger" is the device which transfers heat from one liquid or gas to another without requiring that two fluids mix or to come into the contact directly. Everywhere we look, we could see heat exchangers at work, whether it's to heat or cool the buildings, or to improve the performance of equipment and motors. In this paper you will get to know about types of heat exchangers in brief.

Vol 1 Issue1 (2022)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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