A study of Merger of HDFC and HDFC bank with reference to Market Capitalization and MPS

Shivali Satishrao Mane-Deshmukh 1
  • 1Principal-Shri.Chhatrapati Art's and Commerce College, Bhawaninagar

Keywords: HDFC Bank, Market capitalization, MPS (Market Price per Share), Qualitative stakeholder insights, Shareholders, Investors and Financial industry


This study looks at how the merger of HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation) and HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank) influenced the company's market value and share price. Using a linear multivariate regression model and qualitative stakeholder insights, the study examines the potential benefits and drawbacks of the merger for shareholders, investors, and the financial industry (Athma & Bhavani, 2017). This study examines the merger's dynamics in order to provide light on the merger's consequences on the financial market and to provide advice to governments, investors, and financial institutions considering similar mergers.

Vol 2 Issue 3 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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