A Review on Effect of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Various Types of Cavities or Enclosed Object

Shivam Burman1 , Lakshmi Yadav2 , Dr. B. Suresh3

1Research Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Corporate Institute Of Science & Technology, Bhopal 

2Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Corporate Institute Of Science &Technology, Bhopal

 3HOD Department of Mechanical Engineering Corporate Institute of Science and Technology Bhopal

Keywords: Newtonian fluid, Novel cavity, Heat transfer, heated circular obstacle, Hydrodynamics forces.


This study is a systematic review of research on heat transfer analysis in cavities, and it seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of flow and heat transfer performance in different types of cavities with different types of heated ribs in the presence of an obstruction. The study also investigates the effects of various forces, such as drag and lift force in obstacles, as well as the thermophoresis effect on heat transfer in Fluid by heated ribs. This study also concentrates on a variety of fluids, including air, water, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids, in cavities. In addition, only single-phase flow and heat transfer phenomena are covered in this review. It discusses the various validation techniques utilized in numerical studies and the various lattice types and sizes utilized by researchers. This study is a comprehensive review of a small number of research articles, the majority of which have been published since 2013, covering the most recent advancements in the field of heat transmission analysis in cavities. This study’s review of the relevant literature demonstrates that cavities with impediments such as fins and rotating cylinders have a significant impact on enhancing heat transfer. In addition, it has been discovered that the use of Newtonian, Non-Newtonian, nanofluids, and hybrid nanofluids has a greater impact on enhancing heat transfer. The study concludes by proposing prospective directions for research in the field of fluid heat transfer.

Vol 2 Issue 3 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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