Schematic Review of Work Life Balance: Components & Tips

Aman Giri1
  • 1Research Scholar, COEA, Beed, Maharashtra, India.

Keywords: Work life balance, Components of work life balance, Tips on work life balance.


It is widely agreed that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical in both commercial practice and in academic research. This topic is crucial to well-being, since family and job are the two most significant aspects of everyone's lives. When job and family obligations collide, it's bad for everyone's health and happiness. This research looked at the influence of work-life balance on well-being of "private sector employees" in India, as measured by "work-family conflict" & "family-work conflict". Family satisfaction, job satisfaction, but also psychological discomfort was used as indicators of well-being.

Vol 1 Issue1 (2022)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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