A Review on Personality Development and Social Media Usage

Akanksha Swamy1, Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav2

1Research Scholar Commerce, Barkatullah University Bhopal
2 Professor, Sarojini Naidu Govt Girls Post Graduate (Autonomous)

Keywords:  Openness to Experience, Social Media Usage, Extraversion, Personal Relationship, Job
Performance, Social networking sites; Big-Five Personality Trait


In the realm of social media, there are three main types of platforms: social networking sites, blogs, and social media apps. Research on the reasons for and outcomes of social media usage, particularly on social networking sites, has risen to prominence in recent years. The effects of its use on people’s social lives and ways of communicating have been the subject of a great deal of study. The many types of social media and its users’ motivations and character qualities are discussed. The impact of social media use and character qualities on interpersonal connections and professional success was investigated.

Vol 2 Issue 1 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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