A Study on Impact of Driver Behavior and Safety Measures at Urban Mid-Block Sections Under Mixed Traffic Conditions

Ritu Verma

Research Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, SATI, Vidisha

Keywords: Mid-Block, Safety Measures, Mixed Traffic Conditions, On-Road Accidents, Pedestrians


One of the hardest phenomena to investigate is motorist behaviour along road segments, especially in the middle of a city block during rush hour. The number of pedestrians and the number of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles have both risen dramatically in recent decades in developing countries like India. Mid-block sections are very prone to accidents and generally occurs because of ignorance of drivers driving in the zone. This study aims to study the drivers’ behaviour and safety measures in respect to the occurrence of the road accidents at urban mid-block sections under mixed traffic conditions. To accomplish this objective, a survey methodology was brought in use. For this survey, a questionnaire was constructed based on the 2 hypotheses of the study. The questionnaire was distributed among the drivers riding in the zone. In urban mid-block portions with mixed traffic, it was discovered that both driver behaviour and safety measures have a significant impact in on-road accidents.

Vol 2 Issue 2 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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