Sentiment Analysis of User Youtube Comments Using Classifier Algorithm

Shivani Wadhwani

Research Scholar, Computer Science Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal (M.P.)

Keywords:Machine Learning, Support Vector Machine, Data mining, Sentiment analysis.


“Sentiment Analysis” is the process of extracting other people’s (speaker or writer) opinions from a given original source (text) utilizing natural language processing (NLP), linguistics computing, & data mining. In sentiment analysis, sentiment classification of various parameters such as comments, reviews and products has become a significant application. For the interpretation of meaning of each and every comment, “text mining approach” is used. For understanding the meaningfulness of any content, it is important to classify them into positive and negative comments on the basis of user opinion.

Vol 2 Issue1 (2023)

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   ISSN : 2583 – 7117

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