Review Process

There are two reviewers for every article published in the journal. Acceptance is granted when both reviewers’ recommendations are positive.

Initial Review

The Chief Editor reviews all submitted papers to see whether they are suitable for publication in the IJISEM Journals. Within one week of receipt, the author receives their article back if it does not match the minimal standards. The authors choose to fix the problems and submit the work to a more appropriate setting.

Peer review

Following the initial review process, the Editor selects reviewers based on their expertise in the relevant field. Each article undergoes a double-blind peer review, involving a minimum of two reviewers, wherein the identities of both the reviewers and the authors remain undisclosed. Reviewers are tasked with evaluating the article based on criteria such as originality, clarity, novelty, significance, completeness, research contribution, and relevance to design practices. Reviewers have the discretion to choose from various recommendations, including acceptance, revisions required, resubmission for further review, or decline of the submission. Reviewers are expected to complete their evaluations within a timeframe of 1-3 weeks.

Editors' Decision

After reviewing all of the reports, the editor decides whether to accept the manuscript as is or ask the authors to make the changes suggested by the reviewers. Within ten days after the decision, resubmit the paper with the necessary revisions. The work will be sent back to the reviewers who first looked at it. The time it takes to go through each round of reviews and have an article published may range from two to five weeks. Once the piece has passed all of the necessary examinations, the Publisher and Editorial Board will decide which issue it will appear in, and the author will be notified in the process.