IJISEM International Journal of Innovations in Science Engineering And Management
A Peer-reviewed Scholarly Indexed Quarterly Journal

International Journal of Innovations in Science, Engineering, and Management (IJISEM) is an open-access publication overseen by IJISEM Journals. It is dedicated to fostering the interests of emerging and promising writers. IJISEM endeavors to transcend geographical boundaries by welcoming contributions from professionals and academics worldwide, not limited to India. We thus adopted the term International as our motto and used it in the title of our journal. We are dedicated to fostering innovation and excellence across scientific, engineering, and management disciplines through our commitment to sharing knowledge.

The publication focuses on research and intellectual viewpoints in order to achieve this goal. Realistic analysis, critical viewpoint development, empirical evidence production and utilization, policy building, and interdisciplinary/applied/methodological work are all welcome in achieving this goal. IJISEM aims to provide a platform for doctoral researchers to showcase their investigations and disseminate their research findings and knowledge to a wider audience.

IJISEM International Journal of Innovations in Science Engineering and Management

Title IJISEM International Journal of Innovations in Science Engineering And Management
Frequency Quarterly (July, October, January and April)
ISSN 2583 – 7117 Publication Format Online
Chief Editor Dr. Rajesh Gupta Publisher Yogesh Sharma, M.Tech (Industrial Design)
Subject Multidisciplinary Published by IJISEM Journals
Starting Year 2022 E-Mail editor@ijisem.com
Mobile No (+91) 70893666889 Mobile No (+91) 9981622288
Publishing Body AG Publishing House Language Multiple Languages
Copyright AG Publishing House
Website http://www.ijisem.com/
Address IJISEM Journals 57-First Floor, Susheela Bhawan, Priyadarshini Phase-3, near Meenakshi Planet City, Bagmugaliya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462043

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An international online open access journal, IJISEM aims to provide high-quality research and analysis. For the following reasons, you might choose this journal to publish your articles

Certificate of Recognition

By awarding a Certificate of Recognition for each published article, IJISEM takes great pride in acknowledging the authors’ contributions. This represents the dedication to recognizing and appreciating academic achievements.

Online Open Access and Peer Review

IJISEM works as an Online Open Access Journal, guaranteeing that insightful research is readily available to a worldwide audience. The published content is subject to rigorous peer review processes to ensure its quality and credibility.

Awarded with ISSN

The journal’s commitment to international standards and practices in scholarly publishing is highlighted by its prestigious International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

Uncompromising Quality

IJISEM stays strongly dedicated to the standard of research that is published in its pages. The high quality of the accepted articles is ensured by the stringent review processes and editorial standards.

Global Outreach

IJISEM reaches more than 80 countries with a wide worldwide audience. The journal’s commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse academic community is highlighted by its worldwide presence.

Immediate Access and Author Convenience

The journal’s website provides authors with the option to download their full-length articles whenever they choose. This way, their published works can be easily accessed for reference and sharing purposes.

Swift Query Resolution

Submissions are answered within 24 hours, with author questions being given priority by the committed support team. This dedication to timely and effective communication improves the author experience as a whole.

Variety of Published Content

IJISEM publishes a wide variety of academic works, such as technical notes, review articles, and original research publications. Articles are published online as soon as they are approved by the journal’s editorial staff.

Fast Reviewing Process

IJISEM’s quick evaluation procedure is one of its strengths. All submitted papers are carefully reviewed and usually returned to the authors within two weeks. Once we get the final copies of accepted articles, we post them as soon as possible.